Deploying Your Own Distributed Object Storage Cluster With MinIO

Despite Ceph, I like MinIO more, it’s so easy to use and easy to deploy. Even the clustering is with just a command. I used Ceph already and it’s so robust and powerful but for small and mid-range development environments, you might need to set up a full-packaged object storage service to use S3-like commands […]

Create a Docker image for a Python app and push it to the registry

While ago I was developing SSL Checker python script o check hosts’ SSL/TLS certificates and extract useful information about them. Check the script on GitHub page to figure out more about this. After various adjustments and enhancements, I chose to start a Docker image as well. It’s much more comfortable to build or pull from […]

Help, I lost all pinned and opened tabs in Firefox!

On average, I have 3-4 pinned tabs with nearly 20 opened items. My Firefox is always up and I never close it except on reboot or such. One day, I opened a new window in another workspace, then closed the main window accidentally which included my 1 year opened tabs. What happened then, I couldn’t […]

Free Up Space After Removing Log File in Linux

There were so many times that I faced this situation where we simply removing (rm command) log files while the service is still running. What is happening here? Well, the process still uses that file to write the logs, that means the process won’t release the file until it gets the signal like what rsyslog […]

Check Server’s Disk Health Behind Hardware RAID

There are many disk monitoring tools available but what I use for almost everywhere is the SMART tool (smartmontools) which has a support of NVMe storages too. Installation is easy, use your package manager to find it. For Debian/Ubuntu: SMART has support for hardware RAID controllers, that means if your disks are behind a hardware […]